Welcome to Pinstructure

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you find what you are looking for. If you cannot locate the part you are seeking but feel it is likely related to other parts then please drop us a email or contact us directly. We have a wealth of experience in the field and if it is not available from our considerable stocks we will most likely be able to advise an alternative.

We give constant attention to broadening our range in line both within our chosen field and further developments within it. So that whilst the thrust of the range is towards Unthreaded Fasteners, we do not limit ourselves, e.g. we have a considerable range of Dowel Pins some of which are tapped for extraction. There has been a major shift in demand over the last 10 years or so towards Stainless and most of our components are now available in this material. Whilst Stainless is a little more expensive the environmental upside is the avoidance of problems caused by electroplating Carbon Steel parts together with the normally improved appearance where a parts presentation is a factor.

We have been trading since 1985 and although this is not a long time in company development we have been busy growing from 5 product lines with 2000 parts to 65 product lines and 14,000 parts.

Who are we?

We are a second generation owned and run company intent on making parts which by their nature need high volume production and long lead times but are only required in small batches that are available at low cost with a swift delivery.

Because of our concentration in this area of engineering we have built a substantial body of knowledge which enables us to offer you the customer an unusual level of service, both technical and commercial on a consistent basis.

From 1 to 25 employees in as many years we think this is a nice co-relation of success and you will find helpful advice at every level of your contact with us.

What products can we offer?

We offer four comprehensive catalogue ranges

Clips & Clamps

This includes: Worm Drive Hose Clips, "O" Clips - double and single eared clamps in both Steel & Stainless, MIKALOR Supraclamps - W1, W2 & W4 materials, Cable ties & Multi Clips, "P" Clips - Mild steel and 316 Stainless steel, lined and unlined, TRIDON Quick release clamps, Heavy Duty TRIMAX (Tri-Torque) and Slotted Hose Clamps, Button Clips, Saddle Clips – Full and half saddles, Tool Clips, Mini Clips

Pins Plus

This includes: Dowel Pins, Spring & Coiled Spring Pins, Cotter & Retaining pins, Linch & Thru locking pins, Taper Pins, Groove Pins, Clevis Pins, Grease Nipples, Engineers Keys - Woodruff, Parallel and Gib head, Rings - Pull, Split & Welded, Ball Pins.

Spring Fixings

This includes: Circlips - Internal, External, E Clips, Inverted Lug, Increased Abutment, Disc Springs, Bowed & Waved Washers, Conical Locking Washers - DIN 6796, Serrated Safety, Shim & Support Washers, Push on fixings

Factorpax selected assortments

Offering our range of products and more in handy selected assortments to support maintenance and development departments.

Although not a catalogue in itself it is worthy of a heading:


With any stock range there is always a requirement for a ‘special’ and production facilities are generally flexible enough to accommodate these.

How do I buy from you?

Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements. All we ask is that you place an order to at least cover our 18.00 (GBP) minimum and leave the rest to us. If carriage charges apply we will advise you at point of order.

If you are new to Pinstructure we hope to have given you an insight into our company; we are here to help and look forward to speaking to you.

The Pinco team