Electrical Terminals

Electrical Terminals
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Pinco partDescriptionSize rangeAve contents
PO9910152Insulated Spade, male and femaleVarious, blue, red and yellow225
PO9910153Insulated Butts and BulletsVarious, blue, red and yellow200
PO9910154Insulated Rings4BA to 12mm, blue, red and yellow185
PO9951424Insulated Spades, Bullets and Rings4BA to 12mm, blue, red and yellow625
PO9930604Butts, Bullets, Pins, Forks, Spades, Rings and Piggy BackVarious, blue, red and yellow795
PO9950214PVC Electrical TapeFive assorted colours10


Pinco partDescriptionSize rangeAve contents
PO9910165Glass and Powder-CeramicGlass: 2-50amp, Powder-Ceramic: 5-25amp200
PO9910166Blade type3 to 30amp150
PO9951425Glass, Powder-Ceramic and Blade2 to 50amp350
PO9952223Industrial & Domestic fuse kit with Fuse and Circuit tester2 to 13amp70

Fuse and Circuit tester also available separately, please enquire.

Cable Ties

Pinco partDescriptionSize rangeAve contents
PO9940433Cable Ties black & white2.5 x 80mm, 2.5 x 100mm and 4.8 x 160mm400

For replacement stock and bulk supplies please Click here for our Cable Ties catalogue range.

Grommets - PVC

Pinco partDescriptionSize rangeAve contents
PO9910158Cable (Open) type3.2mm to 11mm Internal diameter155
PO9910167Blanking type1/16" to 1" plug92
PO9941435Blanking and Cable typeBlanking: 5/16" to 1", Cable: 1/4" to 5/8"312
  • Other materials available: Nitrile, Rubber, EPDM and Silicone
  • A Variety of shapes can be made to order e.g.
    • Square or round
    • Plugs: flat or domed
    • Head: ribbed or plain