E Clips
Pinco partMaterialSize rangeAve contents
PA6710109Carbon Steel1/8" to 5/8"430
PA6710181Carbon Steel3.2 to 12mm355
PD6710237Stainless Steel1/8" to 3/4"440
PD6710236Stainless Steel3.2 to 12mm355

E Clip applicators available.

Internal & External
Pinco partMaterialSize rangeAve contents
PA6810110Carbon Steel10 to 32mm120
PA6810111Carbon Steel1/4" to 1.1/4"148
PD6810232Stainless Steel10 to 32mm148
PD6810233Stainless Steel1/4" to 1.1/4"148

Pinco partMaterialSize rangeAve contents
PA6910197Carbon Steel6 to 32mm134
PA6910202Carbon Steel1/4" to 1.1/4"130
PA6954451Carbon Steel19 to 40mm228
PD6910231Stainless Steel6 to 32mm134
PD6910232Stainless Steel1/4" to 1.1/4"130

Pinco partMaterialSize rangeAve contents
PA6810196Carbon Steel10 to 32mm122
PA6810201Carbon Steel1/4" to 1.1/4"130
PA6851450Carbon Steel19 to 40mm228
PD6810230Stainless Steel10 to 32mm122
PD6810234Stainless Steel1/4" to 1.1/4"130

Internal & External Circlip pliers available.

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