The first company to design and produce the W1 heavy duty clamp which has grown to incorporate W2 and W4 materials to the stage where the MIKALOR clip is the preferred heavy duty clamp for many Industry professionals.

  • Stocked material range: W1, W2 & W4
  • Registered brand: MIKALOR SUPRA & SUPERCLAMPS

Sizes 17-19mm to 265-275mm available from stock, further sizes to order.

Also available is the SUPRA CT which offers the W2 clamp fitted with an extended bolt and stainless steel disc springs which allow the clamp to absorb temperature changes and vibrations thus maintaining constant tension. For further information, please contact us.

For full specification details please download product data sheet

Double Wire

As with the Mini Clips, this series does not have a very wide adjustment span, but what they do have is a powerful clamping force. There is substantial use in the corrugated hose industry with the double wire being able to span the ribs of the hose.

  • Stocked material range: Galvanised Mild steel, Stainless steel to order

Sizes 14mm to 85mm available.

Screw Type Wire Hose Clamp also available; please contact us for further information.

For full specification details please download product data sheet.