Belleville & Disc Springs

Belleville & Disc Springs
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Disc Springs are a development of the humble Belleville Washer; although physically similar they are made to the more exact standards DIN 2093.

They are capable of being loaded in an axial direction and may be subjected to a constant or cyclic load. They are conically formed and may be used as individual discs or stacked in combinations to obtain desired deflections and loading characteristics. They are extensively used in the friction clutch industry.

Our stocked range:

  • Group 1 (Series F50A or F50D), Punched, cold-formed, edges rounded
  • Group 2 (Series F51A or F51D), Punched, cold-formed, D1, D2 turned, edges rounded
  • Group 3 (Series F52A or F51D), Cold or hot formed, turned on all sides, edges rounded

Available in the following materials:

  • Carbon Steel (A suffix)
  • Stainless steel (D suffix)

Sizes from:

O/D6mm to 250mm
Thick0.3mm to 16mm

Further sizes to order.

For full specification details please download our product data sheet.