Groove Pins

Groove Pins are another form of the Dowel Pin, yet extremely versatile and inexpensive. For fitment it only requires a drilled hole of nominal diameter to its own.

A solid metal parallel cylinder, into which using a chisel edged tool are pressed longitudinal grooves in three equally spaced circumferential positions. The grooving causes the pin to deform, and locally increases its diameter at different positions down the length of the pin according to type. When assembled into an appropriate sized hole the local ‘growth’ deforms elastically and gives substantial frictional grip.

Our regular production:

  • DIN 1471, ISO 8744, GP1 Full length taper groove (Series 41).
  • DIN 1472, ISO 8745, GP2 Half length taper groove (Series 42).
  • DIN 1473, ISO 8740, GP3 Full length parallel groove (Series 43).
  • DIN 1474 ISO 8741, GP4 Half length reverse taper (Series 44).
  • DIN 1475, ISO 8742, GP8 1/3 length centre groove (Series 48).
  • ISO 8743, GP5 Half length centre groove (Series 45).
  • DIN 1476, ISO 8746, GS1A Round head grooved stud (Series 33).
  • DIN 1477, ISO 8747, GS2A Countersunk head grooved stud (Series 34).
  • GP6, GP7, GP9, GP10, GP11, GP12 & GP24 also available to order.

Available in the following materials:

  • Mild steel, self colour.
  • A2 Stainless steel.

Available sizes from:

Dia.1/8" to 1"1.5mm to 12mm
Long1/4" to 4"6mm to 80mm

Further sizes to order.

For full specification details please download our product data sheet.

Drive Pins

A Drive Pin is a fixing which is simply hammered into a pre-drilled hole, and offered as an alternative to the grooved stud Groove Pins which are no longer in demand. It is not intended for repeated use with no provision for its removal.


  • Hardened steel with an electro brassed finish.