Empty plastic assortment boxes

Empty plastic assortment boxes
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Pinco partTypeBase colourNo. compartmentsDimensions mmBox
PBOX10Adjustable partitions, transparent hinged lidClear10 max17010530
PBOX30Transparent hinged lidBlue2433522550
PBOX31Transparent hinged lidClear1222522550
PBOX41/BAdjustable partitions, transparent hinged lidBlue8 max21013040
PBOX41/CAdjustable partitions, transparent hinged lidClear8 max21013040
PBOX41/YAdjustable partitions, transparent hinged lidYellow8 max21013040
PBOX42/BAdjustable partitions, transparent hinged lidBlue12 max31013040
PBOX42/CAdjustable partitions, transparent hinged lidClear12 max31013040
PBox42/RAdjustable partitions, transparent hinged lidRed12 max31013040
PBOX51Transparent hinged lidBlue1824019042PBOX51
PBOX52Transparent hinged lidGreen6, 8 or 1017514532PBOX52
PBOX52/3Inserts for PBOX52Clear12479109PBOX52-3
PBOX52/5Inserts for PBOX52Clear12479109PBOX52-5
PBOX53Transparent hinged lidYellow1534026057PBOX53
PBOX54Transparent hinged lidRed924019042PBOX54
PBOX55Transparent hinged lidBlue925518535

Handy box and adjustable partitions

Handy box and adjustable partitions
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Pinco partTypeBase colourDimensions mmBox
PBOX90Handy Travel CaseBlack/Orange310375265PBOX90
PBOX91Three box set for Handy Travel CaseBlack/OrangePBOX91
PBOX91/1Inserts for PBOX91Clear/Orange475579PBOX91/1
PBOX91/2Inserts for PBOX91Clear/Orange473955PBOX91/2
PBOX91/3Inserts for PBOX91Clear/Orange4779109PBOX91

Also available, display stand free standing or wall mounted.

Display stand

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