These parts have a general purpose function as a connector in many diverse assemblies, from flag poles to animal tethers to marine clips.

Our stock range:

  • Split Rings (Series A86)
  • Pull Rings (Series D86)
  • Welded Rings (Series W86)

Split Rings

Our Split Rings or "Keyrings" comprise of almost two full coils of half elliptical spring steel wire which is nickel plated.

Due to the quality of material used, this is a very durable fastener.


O/D5.8mm to 51mm

Pull Rings

One and three quarters close coiled round stainless steel wire which can also be used as a Split Ring.


O/D18mm to 50mm

Welded Rings

Solid Mild Steel Ring, welded with a nickel plated finish.


O/D1/2" to 2"

Further sizes to order on most types.

For full specification details please download our product data sheet.