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Factorpax is the name we use to cover all our "Selected Assortments". It has continued to grow since its introduction over 27 years ago, and we now have more than 230 items in the range.

We were born out of the need for every engineer to have easily available an appropriate range of components to satisfy repair and experimental requirements and are continually looking to broaden the range.

Why buy from us?

  • We aim to hold every assortment in stock
  • The range of products in each assortment generally reflects the most popular sizes in industry
  • Each assortment comes in a sturdy outer protective carton
  • Specialised customer assortments available on request
  • Packaging to customers specifications available
  • Individual packs available for most components
  • Components to national standards
  • Display racks available
  • Components are zinc plated where applicable
  • Own branding facility available
  • Components outside ranges indicated are readily available
  • Further Stainless steel ranges being developed

Canít find what you are looking for?

If your looking for some Circlips, Hose Clips and Machine Screws but donít want to buy three separate FACTORPAX boxes then why not PICK and MIX Ė we can offer any of our standard product range throughout the catalogues in a kit form.

Our PICK and MIX service allows you to only buy the sizes you want for a particular job. Should you require a size not within our current range then no problem, we can help. Please contact us with your requirements and we can discuss this further.

Where size allows we will pack in our durable polypropylene boxes, alternatively if the product is too large we can pack in plastic bags within a cardboard outer.