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Spacers come in many different forms to suit a massively diverse application program. They are commonly produced by strip (low carbon and high carbon steel), seamless tube and machined bar. All have advantages particularly suited to a multitude of applications.


The Spacer made from strip is usually produced in large quantities making them a very economical product.

Seamless tube

These have the advantage over the strip type in that there is no gap in the circumference of the Spacer so preventing any possible interference. These Spacers are normally tighter toleranced than the strip type but are generally dictated by the tube sizes available.

Machined bar

Machined bar are suited best to lower quantities as they can be the more expensive Spacer product group. However their biggest advantage is that you can machine to whatever size required no matter how special. This is applicable to the raw material, most bars can be machined no mater how exotic they are.

Spacers are a good flexible solution to engineering applications.

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